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We are the market leader in delivering publishing and marketing services to major public and private organisations throughout the UK – primarily government bodies, local authorities and trade associations…


Our comprehensive service encompasses all elements of printed and electronic publishing. We provide a wide range of services including design and print, data management, advertising sales, market research, website design and production, software development and sponsorship.


in the beginning…

Burrows Communications was founded in 1901 by an outstanding artist, copperplate engraver and writer, Edward J Burrow. A keen photographer with a natural enthusiasm for travelling, by the early 1900s Mr Burrow had drawn, etched and photographed 500 of England’s schools, cathedrals and famous landmarks.


Deciding to turn his hobby to commercial ends, Mr Burrow’s illustrations were reproduced on postcards and in books by the company he founded. In 1904 the then Ed. J. Burrows Company published a guide to Cheltenham - the first ‘Burrows Guide’ was born.

By the 1930s the now famous Burrows Guides were available for over 500 different destinations, from Shetland to Sicily. Most of the company’s titles were published on behalf of local authorities. These included hardback guides to The City of London, first produced in the 1920s and updated through the next 40 years…


The company also developed Burrow’s Pointer Maps – the first truly extensive range of maps aimed at travellers. These became almost as famous as the pocket guides and covered hundreds of towns and rural trails throughout the country. Few travellers of the period would journey within the British Isles without their Burrows Guides.


By the time he died in 1935, Mr Burrow had achieved widespread recognition. His standing in the arts was acknowledged in his Fellowship to the Royal Society of Arts and Governorship of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (now the Royal Shakespeare Company).


His finest legacy however is the publishing firm that still bears his name. Mr Burrow ensured that his books were of the highest quality, for people from all walks of life to enjoy. These same values are the basis for Burrows Communications’ extensive range of production and client services today.