Health and Safety Policy

Statement of Intent

It is the policy of Burrows Communications Ltd that all reasonably practicable steps will be taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the protection of others, not in its employ, who may have legitimate reasons for being on or about the firm’s premises.
Burrows Communications Ltd recognises its statutory obligations to maintain standards of safety for all its employees in every aspect of their work in relation to buildings, equipment and workplace, and for continually maintaining its initiative to ensure that these obligations are fulfilled.
It is considered essential in the interest of all employees that they should observe and maintain the safety standards as laid down in this policy.
Burrows Communications also recognises its obligations to members of the public, contractors and visitors to its premises, and will ensure that measures, where necessary, will be taken to maintain their health and safety.
The promotion of health and safety measures is regarded as a mutual objective of Directors and employees at all levels. Therefore it is an objective of Burrows Communications Ltd to:
a)   Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions in accordance with the relevant statutory requirement.

b)   Provide and maintain safe means of access and egress from its premises.

c)   Maintain a constant and continuing interest in all aspects of safety, in particularly introducing and monitoring safety procedures, and involving employees wherever possible.
Staff have a duty to co-operate in the operation of this policy by:
a)   Working safely and efficiently using, where appropriate, protective equipment and complying with statutory obligations.

b)   Immediately reporting incidents that have or may lead to accidents.

c)    Adhering to the firm’s procedures designed to secure a safe workplace.

d)   Assisting in the investigation of accidents and aiding the introduction of measures to prevent a recurrence.
This policy is a summary and should be read in conjunction with complete Health and Safety procedures and relevant forms.

P V Dipre
Managing Director
Burrows Communications Ltd
Publicity House
106 Stafford Road
Wallington, Surrey
Burrows Communications have a Health and Safety Policy which has been personalised to cover their firm’s daily working practice.
All new and existing employees are given a full explanation of the procedures and a signature is obtained to confirm their acceptance of the policy.
The master copy of the Health and Safety Policy is held by the Health and Safety Officer and provides detailed procedures and guidance under the following headings:
1          Statement of Intent
2          Administrative Organisation
3          Responsibilities and Arrangements
4          Portable Electrical Equipment
5          Risk Assessments
6          Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
7          Manual Handling Operations
8          Vision and Eye Tests
9          Visual Display Screen Equipment
10        Stress Management
11        Reporting of Accidents
12        Guidance Notes in case of fire
13        Health and Safety at work – Staff Procedures
14        Guidelines for use of Chemicals and Scalpels
15        List of forms and records kept