Data is worthless unless it's up-to-date!…


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We verified details of over 100,000 individual companies last year...






Burrows Communications Ltd

Cantium House, 2nd floor, Railway Approach, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0DZ

Tel: 020 8773 3000


We offer specialist data services to cleanse, update and manage both business and personal data. Our clients typically use our data services for internet business databases, trade databases and membership databases.


Databases services are often provided as part of a larger project such as an online or printed directory.


As a registered Data controller we are regulated by law and abide by all current data protection legislation.



the benefits…


Using Burrows' Database Solutions provides the benefits of:-

1. Control over database structure

2. Access to up-to-date data as and when required

3. Continuous upkeep of the database


Without having the costs of:

1. Managing a call centre

2. Managing database software development

3. Managing internet site databases and systems integration