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Project timescales:

How long does it take to deliver a publication from the time I give the “go ahead”?

The time it takes to research, produce and deliver a publishing project really does vary on the size and complexity of the project itself. If the project is to be subsidised through advertising, then there will be a need to book (in advance) a time slot to carry out the advertising canvass. You will, of course, also have your own constraints on being able to deliver the artwork materials for use in the publication (like text and graphics).

Generally speaking, you should plan as far in advance as possible. Forward planning will enable a smooth running project and the appropriate level of consideration. The average project timescale from start to finish is just over 5 months.

Elements of a publishing project for clients to consider:

1. Try to allow at least 6 months from contract agreement to delivery of the first edition.

2. Consider the time it will take to compile and deliver editorial content materials.

3. Burrows will need editorial content materials 16 weeks before the proposed publication date.

4. Burrows will provide a full editorial design service. You will need to review, amend and finally approve proofs.

5. An advertising canvass will take between 8-12 weeks on average, depending on the publication type and subsidy requirements.

6. The average time a publication will be at press will be 3-4 weeks – this includes time allocated for quality control.


Project responsibilities:

What responsibilities does a client have in the publishing project?

All publishing projects are co-operative ventures, both client and publisher need to work together to get the best results.

Nevertheless, the benefits that we are able to offer our clients are:

1. To absorb almost all costs of production.

2. To minimise the need for clients to apply their own resources to the project.

3. To apply publishing, design, technical and income generation expertise.

4. To provide our clients with the best possible value and cost effectiveness in their task of information publishing.

From our clients' point of view, their main responsibilities are -

1. Delivery of text and graphics for the editorial content of the publication.

2. Provision of advertising canvass facilities for sales person (desk and telephone).

3. Review and approval of design work and artwork proofs.

4. Distribution of publication.

Supplying your editorial materials:

In which formats can we provide artwork materials for production?

Materials generally comprise editorial text and graphics but may also include data in the case of directories.


When the publishing project begins Burrows will supply you with a full schedule of material requirements, formatting options and timescales for their delivery.

We can advise you on the quantity of editorial text, number and size of photos and other materials that will be used in the production process.


When supplying images in electronic format it is essential that these are supplied at the correct resolution. The minimum acceptable resolution for high quality printed material is 300dpi. (Images must be scanned in to this resolution and not adjusted once having been scanned in a lower resolution.) If you are in doubt or unsure, please contact the production team whom will be happy to advise.


File formats - We are able to accept most common file formats. All should be high resolution at a minimum of 300dpi, CMYK with fonts embedded.

• PDF 

• EPS         • Word Docs (for text only)

• Tiffs        • Adobe Illustrator files

  • Jpegs      • Photoshop files

Production process:

What is the typical production process/timescale and how are we involved?


Click here to open the guide to a typical process and cycle for production of a simple printed publication. It is not definitive and is meant as a guideline only.


The process becomes more involved if data, mapping or electronic media are involved.


Supplying press ready artwork:

If you wish to provide your editorial pages and cover as press ready files, then please contact the production department  to discuss specifications and format options.


T: 020 8773 3010

E: productionservices@burrows.co.uk



Here are some common FAQs.

If you can't find the answer to your query here, please contact our team whom are happy to help.


T: 020 8773 3010

E: productionservices